Monday, December 24, 2012

The Magic Of Thinking Big

Dr. Schwartz outlines it in his book ‘The magic of thinking big’ so clearly. In every sense, we are raised on a ‘believe you can succeed and you will’ concept but as life becomes a reality:

‘Most people do not put much stock in belief’. Those who believe they can, will find a how-to do it. You see, unfortunately, it is the other way round in many people’s minds. We think we must know how to do it to believe it can happen-how far away from the truth is that! ‘Belief, strong belief, triggers the mind to figure ways and means how-to. And believing you can succeed makes others place confidence in you.’

As young kids, we dream of the ability to fly and become like our idolized superheroes. So, then, what happens as we grow older? why doesn’t everyone think big? There are a couple of reasons, according to Dr. Schwartz:
  • Our environment is consistently weighing us down. Tugging on us, so we remain on ‘second class street’. So you become accepting of being the ‘little guy’.
  • The concept of destiny and ‘whatever will be, will be’ has taught us that control is out of our hands. This, in turn, breaks away all our dreams and aspirations because of the fear of failure (what is the point in trying?).
  • Success seems to have a negative connotation and the proof of that is many people feel they need to come to terms with even thinking of becoming rich. The idea is that we grow up with the concept that money is evil, you will sell your soul to the devil and success comes at a high price.
  • Our society makes us believe that there is too much competition for those high spots up there. In reality, fewer people look for higher paying jobs than lower paying ones. ‘There is at least 50 times as much competition for jobs on second class street as for jobs on first class avenue’.

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