Monday, December 24, 2012

The Leader Who Had No Title

Robin Sharma’s ‘The Leader Who Had No Title’ is quite an interesting read. The title grabs you and reels you in as it appeals to your inner person, and soon you ask, ‘Can I really lead without a title?’ One reason why I personally found it interesting is because in as much as it reiterated many of the principles I’d come across and forgotten, it also came across as very odd and at times contradictory.

Nearly all the concepts he brings forth are not as revolutionary as expected. However, a strength the author employs is the use of narrative. Many a time, business leadership books come off as eloquent yet removed from reality but in ‘The Leader Who Had No Title,’ we are given a glimpse of the main character’s life; Blake, who shares with us his fears, his past and his aspirations as he takes this journey to discover ‘the leader within’ via a story he narrates himself.

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