Sunday, December 23, 2012

Never Wrestle With A Pig

Never Wrestle With A Pig by Mark McCormack offers up a ton of specific points of advice for building either a management career or your own business. In either case, the book basically assumes that the goal is to be in charge of some sort of organization. It also assumes that you’re just getting started in this process – big dreams, but not a lot of success yet. In other words, it speaks very well to a lot of people in their twenties and thirties.

Ten tips from Mark H. Mccormack
  • end your day on  time
  • people who say they can keep a secret usually can't
  • it's best to overestimate your competitions
  • the best ideas cannot be stolen
  • know when to say "it's non of your business"
  • get paid for thinking rather than doing
  • time in front of a customer is the best time of all
  • be wary of unanimouos agreement
  • learn the art of picking up the check
  • never wrestle with a pig

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