Monday, December 24, 2012

Getting Rich Your Own Way by Brian Tracy

The United States is the land of opportunity; and that’s as true today as it’s ever been. Even in tough times like these, getting rich doesn’t have to be a dream–you can make it a reality with hard work and practical advice. In Getting Rich Your Own Way, renowned business consultant and motivational speaker Brian Tracy offers a proven road map to financial success for anyone and everyone.

In this positive, prescriptive guide, Tracy shares proven principles and strategies that lead to success–the same principles and strategies that thousands of Americans learn in his seminars every year. Concise and comprehensive, this book won’t teach you how to make a fast buck in real estate or beat the stock market for a million dollars. Instead, it will teach you real-world principles for achieving the financial independence you dream of–no matter what you do for a living or how little you have in the bank.

Inside you’ll find real stories of successful people who started out with nothing and ended up living their financial dreams. You’ll find a wealth of creative ideas for making money, as well as priceless principles that will help you succeed at any endeavor. You’ll learn how to accumulate and protect your wealth over the long-term, how to market and sell anything under the sun, and even how to start your own business if you’re an entrepreneur at heart. But most important, you’ll learn how to develop the winning attitude and work habits that unite all successful people in every field or profession.

What most people don’t know is that making money is a skill you can learn. That’s right. By paying attention to what successful people do–or don’t do–and carefully following their example, you’ll get the same results they do. After all, wealth is really all about cause and effect. If you put the right moneymaking causes in place, the wealth effect will follow. It may take patience and it will certainly take effort, but with the right attitude and the simple, helpful guidance you’ll find here, you’ll know that nothing is beyond your abilities–and nothing feels better than Getting Rich Your Own Way.

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Remark: Hardcover

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