Monday, December 24, 2012

First Things First by Stephen R.Covey

I won’t attempt to offer a book review, but I will offer some highlights for your benefit and encouragement:
  • Manage your time more effectively by learning to better balance your life.
    • The pieces of your life (family, work, play, spiritual, etc) all need equal attention, and often simultaneously.
  • Live, Love, Learn, Leave a Legacy — We have a finite time on this planet. Are you making the most of it? Are you enjoying life, being friendly and loving others, learning and experiencing new things, and thinking about how others will learn from your legacy?
  • What are your Principles? What are the rocks of your personal foundation? And are your actions centered on these principles?
  • Importance vs. Urgency — The things you spend your time on… are they “important” and helping you achieve your goals? Are you constant working on “urgent” projects either due to their emergency nature or bad planning?
  • With all of your time management skills, are you trying to do more things faster? Or are you trying to do the right things?
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