Monday, December 24, 2012

Anyone Can Do It

With Aramex committed to supporting Middle East entrepreneurship, it is a good opportunity to revisit one of the biggest Middle Eastern success stories of recent times. Anyone Can Do It: Building Coffee Republic charts the story of Sahar and Bobby Hashemi, two siblings from Iranian origins, as they transform an idea born on their kitchen table into one of the UK’s most recognizable coffee chains.  Although pitched as a “how to”, the book is really most successful at telling the compelling story of the siblings’ journey – the period of introspection which followed the death of their father, an idea that began as flash of nostalgia for New York’s coffee shops, and the development of the business through every conceivable problem - from loans, identifying suppliers, hiring employees and attracting customers. Although the title is open to debate, the central theme isn’t: determination is a vital ingredient in an any entrepreneurial venture.

Price: RM25


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