Monday, December 24, 2012

How to use the internet to earn us dollars in your pajamas

Many of us dream of having our own business, but the high costs of starting a conventional business and the huge risks involved mean that it remains a dream for most of us.
There are the traditional low-cost alternatives, but this amazing book isn't about those that you already know so well. 

This is something new, and totally exciting!
Discover how Sen Ze, a Malaysian, earns US Dollars from the Americans without leaving the comfort of his own home in Malaysia by using the Internet.
Watch very carefully as he takes you behind the scenes of his own Internet Business that cost him only RM200 to set up, and about RM20 a month to operate in selling his product at US$97 (RM370) each!
See how he gets his American customers to pay him first before they get to see his product! 

God Wants You To Be Rich

In God Wants You to Be Rich, bestselling author Paul Zane Pilzer provides an original, provocative view of how to accumulate wealth and why it is beneficial to all of humankind. A theology of economics, this book explores why God wants each of us to be rich in every way -- physically, emotionally, and financially -- and shows the way to prosperity, well-being, and peace of mind. 

Put Your Money To Work

The concepts of money and returns on investments never fail to intrigue people but how do you know how money works,how to invest to get better returns? In  Put your money to Work, ex-banker & journalist, Lilian Ng shares her experiences to help readers grasp the basics of savings,investments and protections. 

The Great Boom Ahead

Harry S. Dent, Jr.’s book is remarkable both for the overall accuracy of its predictions and for the simplistic model upon which those predictions depend. Written in 1993, it claims a niche within the general family of "trend" books written by the likes of Alvin Toffler and John Naisbitt. The work anticipated our current era of super bullish markets, which it predicts will continue through 2007. The crystal ball drops a few items, given that a few years have passed since publication. Nonetheless, it offers a clear macroeconomic forecast and investment tool. If you sense the Fed just doesn’t get the New Economy, this is the book for you. getabstract recommends this book to those seeking to understand the United States’ era of record-breaking economic gains.

Free, Perfect And Now

In a world where knowledge is king, the Web never sleeps, and competitive challenge increases exponentially, Robert Rodin shows you how to prepare for the three insatiable demands of today's customers: they want their product or service FREE, they want it PERFECT, and they want it NOW. No matter what business you're in, you have to find a way to respond — or risk losing your customers to competitors who are discovering new ways to sell your product or service cheaper, better, and faster than you've ever imagined.

As the dynamic CEO of electronics distributor Marshall Industries, Rob Rodin engineered the astounding reinvention of his company, turning a conventionally successful $500 million business into a Web-enabled $2 billion competitive powerhouse. Free, Perfect, and Now tells the dramatic story of that transformation from the inside. Detailing the hard lessons learned in competitive battle, it offers a compelling new perspective on the most pressing issue facing businesspeople today: how to prepare a customer-focused corporation for a future you can't predict.

How To Make Money In Stocks

The book recommend buying stock following the “CAN SLIM” methodology. CAN SLIM is a formula Mr. O’Neil found after many years studying the markets and which he credits with his success in trading.

 Remark: Hardcover

The Marketing Gurus

"Soundview is bringing together summaries of seventeen essential marketing classics in a single volume that includes one all-new, previously unpublished summary." The Marketing Gurus distills thousands of pages of powerful insights into less than three hundred, making it an ideal resource for busy professionals, business students, and anyone curious about how marketing has evolved. 

Remark: Hardcover